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Our mission is to mobilize students in the fight to end AIDS.

We are a Student Organization. We were founded by students, for students. We are driven by the deep belief that students have the passion, dedication, and skills to make a lasting impact today and that young people have a unique responsibility and role in the fight to end AIDS. In taking action today, students realize their power as leaders, and become inspired to shape lives dedicated to service.

FACE AIDS began in 2005, when 3 Stanford students, Jonny, Katie and Lauren, were volunteering in a refugee camp in Zambia. They befriended a woman named Mama Katele who was one of the few openly HIV-positive people in the camp. Her experience inspired these students to leave school temporarily to build FACE AIDS in her honor, with the mission of mobilizing students in the fight to end AIDS.

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Our work is enriched by a partnership with Partners In Health (PIH), a premier global health care organization championing health as a human right. Our students have a unique opportunity to impact the global AIDS pandemic by fundraising to support PIH’s provision of care for HIV-affected communities in Rwanda. In addition, they learn about global health care delivery and the impact of their fundraising thanks to PIH’s participation at our national conferences, and creation of educational resources for our students.

Our students are effecting change locally and globally. They volunteer at local AIDS-service organizations and bring free HIV-testing and classes on global health to their campuses. They ensure conversations about HIV/AIDS stay active among their peers, and mobilize the next generation of leaders in social impact.